Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and conditions of sale apply to and form part of all contracts signed between the client and Crystal Travel (hereinafter referred to as Organizer); they stipulate the rights and duties of the contracting parties concerning the services provided according to the client’s order. The client undertakes to inform all participants that by confirming their participation at the ordered tour they express their consent with the terms and conditions below.


The contract is based on and reflects the confirmed order and preceding correspondence concerning the respective tour package. It stipulates the terms and conditions agreed on by the contracting parties.

Organizer drafts and sends the contract by e-mail within one week after the client’s written confirmation of the order. Within approximately three days after the receipt of the client’s written confirmation, the Organizer shall send the contract by postal mail.

Terms of Payment

All the payments are made solely by bank transfer (the bank fees are at the client’s expenses). The day of payment is considered as the day when the amount is credited to the Organizer’s account.

Crystal Travel reserves the right to increase the contract price in case the prices of transport (including the fuels or fees or taxes related to the transport) increase.

The prices are valid and guaranteed up to the exchange rate of 1 Kc (Czech crown) = 0,0400€ with the exception of changes in VAT.

Changes within Ordered Services

All changes of the ordered services made by the client are considered as cancellation of the services and are subject to the same cancellation fees. In case the client orders extra services after he has paid the total price, these extra services will be invoiced to him to be paid immediately. If a change in service is caused by Organizer after the departure, the Client is entitled to the remuneration of non-provided and non-replaced services, under the condition that the change has been of essential character. However, if a service was changed and replaced by an equivalent service based on Organizer’s judgement and reflecting the client’s requirements, the client cannot claim any remuneration, damages or interests from the Organizer. The client cannot change the course of the tour, save by a prior agreement of Organizer. The expenses with the changes which haven’t been approved by Organizer are born by Client and he cannot claim any compensation even though he did not benefitted from the services.

List of Participants

The client undertakes to send a list with the names of participants and the corresponding rooming list within 40 days prior to the departure at the latest.

Names on the list of participants can be changed without any charges unless the total number of participants as well as the number and type of required rooms remain unchanged.

Entry Requirements

Organizer informs the client on necessary administrative and/or health requirements related to the travel (national ID card, passport, visa, vaccinations, etc.) It is the client’s responsibility to meet these requirements and he also bears all related expenses. The indicated administrative and health requirements are valid exclusively for European travellers. They are of indicative value and can be subject to change.

The participant is responsible to have all documents necessary to enter the concerning; and the non-EU citizens are obliged to get informed upon any relevant visa requirements (including transfer visa) and meet them if required.

Client is responsible to secure insurance for participants.

Complaint and After-Sales Services

If a tour participant perceives that a service is not provided as previewed, he or she is obliged to contact immediately the local representative in order to avoid further inconvenience during the tour and/or the stay. In case his/her complaint is not remedied, s/he shall require a written confirmation from the hotel manager or the local representative that the respective service was not provided or was of reduced quality. Subsequently, the participant shall write a complaint without any delay and send a copy to us through the client. Complaints filed through other procedures than above-described shall not be accepted. Any comments concerning the tour shall be delivered to Organizer within thirty days after the return from the tour. Any complaints received after this term shall not be considered. All the complaints shall be dealt with within 60 days as from the date of their delivery. In an event of dispute, resulting in any court resolution the contracting parties have agreed on the jurisdiction of the respective court in the Czech Republic.

Crystal Travel reserves the right not to provide services which have not been confirmed in writing prior to arrival of the group.


Cancellation can be only made in writing.

Cancellation fees of the tour package of the whole group

Date of signing the contract – D-46 : forfeiture of the advance payment

From D-45 to D-30 : 50 % of the total price

From D-29 to D-15 : 75 % of the total price

From D-14 to the day of departure : 100 % of the total price


Cancellation Fees – Individual Participants

Up to D-31 and less than 20 % of participants : no cancellation fee

Up to D-31 and more than 20 % of participants : forfeiture of the advance payment

From D-30 to D-15 : 25 % of the package price and forfeiture of the advance payment

From D-14 to D-7: 50 % of the package price and forfeiture of the advance payment

From D-6 to the day of departure : 100 % of the total price per participant

Force majeure

Crystal Travel cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by force majeure.


In case the number of participants in the group exceeds the capacity of a coach, the participants may be accommodated in several hotels, save by prior formal agreement.

Accommodation – triple rooms
In most hotels, a triple room means a double room with an extra bed (sometimes a folding bed). In this way, the third person avoids paying a supplementary charge for the single room; on the other hand, this type of accommodation can imply certain inconveniences.

Accommodation – double/twin rooms
Crystal Travel cannot contractually guarantee whether you will be accommodated in a double room or in a twin room.

Participants under Age

The participants under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible major person. Participants over 15 but under 18 years must provide a written consent with the travel from their legal representative.

During the Stay

All participants undertake to follow the instructions of the local representatives as well as the fixed programme. All participants are responsible for any damage caused and guarantee their full indemnification at their own expenses.

In case the group is not accompanied by a local representative, the client undertakes to appoint a responsible person who will see to the quality of the provided services and the course of the tour.

In case of any contradiction, the wording in the French version of the Terms and Conditions of Sale is binding.